Visit to Masham

Sunday the 16th June 2013 was the day when Mum, Dad, Kentou and Suki had a trip out to Masham in Yorkshire. It was Suki's first trip to this lovely Dales Town, which has a nice riverside walk. In fact it is one of Kentou's favourite places where he can go paddling in nice clear running river.

Well there they were the four of them walking to a place where Kentou can have a paddle. He was off on a trot! Suki on the other hand was on the lead, but running around like she could not get enough and had to visit every square inch of the walk. Running forwards, then back to her Dad, then off to the left, whizzing past and off to the right . She was in a very active mood.

Masham 2When they got to the place where they could go down to the river, Kentou was the first in as he had no lead on him. Suki seeing this charged straight in, splash, splash, splash and then froze as she realised she was standing in water and that she has never done before. In fact she wont even attempt to go through puddles. She looked sorry for herself and would not budge. Kentou in the mean time was paddling around wondering what all the fuss was about.

Masham 1Well Mum and Dad had to encourage her to move, first of all, and then reeled her in like you would a fish on a rod. Below is a short footage of the attempted to get her back on dry land. You can also see some pictures of her standing there feeling sorry for herself.



Once she was out she did not want to go back in, but after a time she plucked up the courage to get her paws wet!





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