Kentou & Suki Playing

IMG_0781Sunday 29th July was another hot day for us boxers, we don't do heat very well and need a lot of breaks and watering. During our walk Suki likes to play with her ball, and also tormenting Kentou with it. He loves to try and get hold of it, but his age wont let him run as fast as her now so she always beats him to it. However, on the odd occasion when he does get it all she has to do is go up to him and lick his chops and he drops it for her.







She also likes to be chased by him. Some days the 12 year old lad can manage a good run after this 7 month old pup, but others he will walk after her. Here is a video of them playing on Sunday, it was a hot day and all he can manage is a little sprint. You can see his minds in it but his age wont let him. Still he enjoys this little time of play!


You can just see them resting in the shade after their run-a-round, trying to keeping themselves cool.

Having a rest

Resting in the shade







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