Tenjin (AKA G-G)

Here is our lad, named Tenjin. He is named after the Japanese "God of Learning". He is also known as "G-G" short for Goby-G** (you can work it out), as he is always talking.

You can see him here, about 12 weeks old and already settling into the boxer dog's ways of kicking off our owners from their chairs and settling in ourselves.

He was born on the 26th February 2008 to Seacrest Boxers down in the Midlands, with a Kennel Club name of Alta-Ego!

Would you believe that all three of us, the Boxers, were born on the same day of the Month, i.e. the 26th. Our owners thinks it's Karma, but not now they got us. We are never "Karma", get it, always chasing about especially at 11 pm at night – that's the best time!

This is one of Tenjin's first trips in the car. You know it's quite hard to get Boxers to keep still but he is a natural. He is a few months old here, belted in and looking sorry for himself on the way back from the place where he was born. Now he rides, still belted in but with his head on the middle arm rest of the Front Seat!

Right from an early age this young whipper-snapper has been a Daddies Boy. Below we have him sleeping in Dad's arms. You should have heard them; I don't know who snored the loudest!

Although he was not with us for too long, only 5 years he was a great dog and sadly missed. Our parents gave him the best opportunity in these years and he enjoyed every moment. You can read more about him in the pages "Tenjin's Moments in Life". Our dad still tears up when he thinks of him!!