Pictures of our time together

These pages contain our pictures of family, our friends and us that we have met over the years. I hope you like them; more will be added as the site is updated?


This is me, Thai when he was about 8 months old. I loved my walks, as we all do!

During my time out I would always take a toy along. At first this was a "shakyman", a knotted rope, which I love to tug as in this picture where I'm on the run with it.

Once mum, or dad got hold of it then I would jump for it. You can see me here jumping quite high. You know this is typical of us boxers we are very good jumpers!

Then once I got hold I would not let go. Thus started the game of Tug of War which I loved too. I tugged mum right across a field once, neither of us would let go.


Soon I would learnt to be off the lead, and then the chase was on! I would like my mum or dad to run after me and to try and get my shakyman. However, this shakyman was soon replaced with a Frisbee, which became one of my favourite walking toys. I could chase it, get chased with it and still play the tug of war game – Great Fun! It went with me everywhere.


To be added: more photos of us within these pages.