Suki’s Graduation

On Thursday 20th June 2013, Suki had her last lesson in the puppy obedience class. Mum and Dad had high expectations of her as she was doing so well in the previous classes and in her training at home. Not saying that she was making mistakes, but on her last day's training on her recall she decided to play her Mum up!

Kentou and her Dad was watching from the side of the class. Dad was filming her and I think she knew this, and thought I'll teach them and break my stays. Blow is the clip Dad took of this recall:

They still think for a 6 month old pup it's still very good. In fact she Graduated and starts the intermediate class next Thursday. This is going to be good to watch and I hope Mum's got her running shoes on only it will be in the field.

Well Done Suki for Graduating your Puppy Class!

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