Kinjo was born on the 5th February 2014 from the parents of Winuwuk Up close N Personal (Sire) and Winuwuk Struck for Words at Kamaliwood. His Kennel Club name is Kinjo Kuma.

He is a great little rascal and has already got a nickname, that being “ASBO” as he is always in trouble. He came to us shortly after the passing of our beloved Kentou and Suki took to him very well.

Coming home in the carHere is Kinjo coming home from Kamaliwood in the car.

Although he has only been with from the end of March he has already been in health problems. He had only been out for three days when he decided to eat something that blocked his bowels. So he has to have an emergency operation and remained under our care – house bound – for another 4 weeks. He came through this fine, although gave Mum and Dad a scare. Now he is flying getting into more trouble where he can with Suki and pruning Mum’s shrubs and Acers.

Kinjo fast asleed with MumHe loves to cuddle as can be seen with his Mum, as in the picture opposite.

Mum and Dad can see us in him, There been a little bit of Tenjin and Kentou, as well as me Thai, although they do same he hasn’t got the brains of Thai.

Wheres our dinner then

This is a classical picture where Suki and Kinjo are waiting for their dinner, and can be seen in another just like this picture on the site with Thai and Kentou.

It good to have him in the family and Suki loves him and gets away with a lot as she wont correct him.

As time goes by more about him and Suki will be put onto our site, post probably as posts so please keep a cheque on them.

With Ninja Star


He he is with some of his favourite toys – opposite his Ninja Star.



Tugging Rope


Playing with his Tugging Rope.



Kinjo doing something strange with his tongue while asleep.