On the Big Screen…..

I suffered with allergies all of my life, which affected my paws. So I loved to get into some cool water and just soak them. No matter where I went I got in straight away and was sometimes difficult to get out. Below I’m on Holiday in Bournemouth during May 2007. You can see he totally ignoring mum. The point was how far was I going to go? Kentou came out to check on he, and as I was OK he left me to it, with mum screaming at me to come back. Oh by the way we love to take a tipple of this water that we paddle in, much to our parents’ distress as they think it upsets our stomachs?

However, we never swam only paddled. In fact if it got too deep we didn’t like it. My dad use to try and encourage Kentou to get in and swim, but no chance of that – he had no Trunks on! There he is below at the lakes where Dad kept throwing his float in for him to get. It nearly got away from him!

What Kentou did like to do was to chase stones into rivers and try to pick them up. Sometimes he would find one on his own and bring it back to dad to throw in again. In the video below he was not at his best as he tried to get out a boulder from the river – it just wouldn’t not budge. I left him too it silly boy!

We loved the beach as well, and so did Tenjin. Once on the sand both Kentou and Tenjin would dig a hole for their ball. You can see them having fun on the beach at Seaton Carew.


At a very early age Tenjin got bone cancer and had to have the bone removed from his leg. Instead he had a titanium implant. You can see below that it never stopped him from his walks and running around.

More video’s will be added when they become available so keep a look out for us!