Jun 12

Suki and Kinjo playing in Water

As soon as Kinjo got over his operation Mum and Dad took him out to Masham, North Yorkshire. This was Kinjo's forth day out since he was able to be taken out. We know that Suki loves the water so here they are on the Riverside walk in Masham.

As they like the water so much Mum and Dad decided to get Suki and Kinjo a paddling pool. So this summer, June 2014, they had their first play in the pool. It took some time for them to get used to it but now they are in and out and love it. The only downside it they then like to run into the house and shake!!

Here they are in the pool for the first time:


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Jun 12

Kinjo at play at home

Here are a couple of videos of Kinjo playing with his toys and for one reason or another he has got into caving??

Here he is playing in Slo-mo, Kinjo is normally very fast!

Here he is digging under his blanket


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Jul 29

Kentou & Suki Playing

IMG_0781Sunday 29th July was another hot day for us boxers, we don't do heat very well and need a lot of breaks and watering. During our walk Suki likes to play with her ball, and also tormenting Kentou with it. He loves to try and get hold of it, but his age wont let him run as fast as her now so she always beats him to it. However, on the odd occasion when he does get it all she has to do is go up to him and lick his chops and he drops it for her.







She also likes to be chased by him. Some days the 12 year old lad can manage a good run after this 7 month old pup, but others he will walk after her. Here is a video of them playing on Sunday, it was a hot day and all he can manage is a little sprint. You can see his minds in it but his age wont let him. Still he enjoys this little time of play!


You can just see them resting in the shade after their run-a-round, trying to keeping themselves cool.

Having a rest

Resting in the shade







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Jun 23

Suki’s Graduation

On Thursday 20th June 2013, Suki had her last lesson in the puppy obedience class. Mum and Dad had high expectations of her as she was doing so well in the previous classes and in her training at home. Not saying that she was making mistakes, but on her last day's training on her recall she decided to play her Mum up!

Kentou and her Dad was watching from the side of the class. Dad was filming her and I think she knew this, and thought I'll teach them and break my stays. Blow is the clip Dad took of this recall:

They still think for a 6 month old pup it's still very good. In fact she Graduated and starts the intermediate class next Thursday. This is going to be good to watch and I hope Mum's got her running shoes on only it will be in the field.

Well Done Suki for Graduating your Puppy Class!

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Jun 18

Visit to Masham

Sunday the 16th June 2013 was the day when Mum, Dad, Kentou and Suki had a trip out to Masham in Yorkshire. It was Suki's first trip to this lovely Dales Town, which has a nice riverside walk. In fact it is one of Kentou's favourite places where he can go paddling in nice clear running river.

Well there they were the four of them walking to a place where Kentou can have a paddle. He was off on a trot! Suki on the other hand was on the lead, but running around like she could not get enough and had to visit every square inch of the walk. Running forwards, then back to her Dad, then off to the left, whizzing past and off to the right . She was in a very active mood.

Masham 2When they got to the place where they could go down to the river, Kentou was the first in as he had no lead on him. Suki seeing this charged straight in, splash, splash, splash and then froze as she realised she was standing in water and that she has never done before. In fact she wont even attempt to go through puddles. She looked sorry for herself and would not budge. Kentou in the mean time was paddling around wondering what all the fuss was about.

Masham 1Well Mum and Dad had to encourage her to move, first of all, and then reeled her in like you would a fish on a rod. Below is a short footage of the attempted to get her back on dry land. You can also see some pictures of her standing there feeling sorry for herself.



Once she was out she did not want to go back in, but after a time she plucked up the courage to get her paws wet!





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May 07

Suki’s First Training Session

This happened on Thursday 2nd May when Mum and Dad took Suki to her first class. Well they both thought she would be very hard walking to heal, even though she is good outside, she likes to introduce herself to all. So with that in mind Mum was expecting to be pulled from "pillar to post".

She showed us all. In fact she was very good for her first lesson a small video clip of this will be put onto the video gallery soon.

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May 07

Poor Kentou goes down ill

Kentou has been rushed into the Vets on 24th April, and is on drips. He has been diagnosed with pancreatitis. However he pulled round and was able to come home on the 29th April and was please to see us all. He was put on a special diet for a week and now we have to be careful not to feed him fatty food.

He is now active again and enjoying his time with Suki on their walks and rides.

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