Suki and her Stellvana Family

Suki her pet name, (Bim Bam Baby Kennel Club name) was born to an excellent breeder called Stellvana Boxers ( Here she is at just 10 days old and what a cutie she is.Suki at 10 days oldHer mum, Soli (Stellvana Solitaire) and her dad is Champion Norwatch Sunhawk Play Mate. Suki comes from a good breeder's line as you can see

Suki aboput 12 weeks old practice for the ring

she had started to learn to pose for the ring at a very early age of 12 weeks old.

Try a pose with MumShe is not as good as this now, however, as our Human mum and dad has no idea on how to do this type of training. But Suki gets an "A" for effort for trying!


sulliedSuki's Gran – Fraya

She was a lovely red boxer that started Suki's family line. In the picture on the right she can be seen as a pup. Her Kennel Club name is Stellvana Macwatt Million Dolla Baby.


Freya-funAs with most boxers they are great family dogs and you can see Fraya wanting to play on the trampoline. Boxers just love to bounce!


Suki's Mum – Solitaire

Suki's mum running over Yorkshire moors a few weeks agoSuki's mum is a great natured dog as are all her family. You can see her opposite enjoying her run over the Yorkshire moors in May 2013.

Freya and Solitaire (Suki's mum) near to herShe was born to Freya and you can see them in the picture opposite where Solitaire is the closest pup cuddled up to her mum Freya.



We will now introduce to you to some of her other family:

Suki's Brothers & Sisters

Suki's little sister BellaBella is Suki's little sister. Here she is chilling out and being cute:


Suki's little brother Rufus having hid nightly cuddleBoxers love to relax with their families and we can see Suki’s little brother Rufus having his nightly cuddle with his Dad:



Suki's half sister MyaWhat a great expression from Suki's half sister, same mum, Mya, enjoying a caravan break in Scotland after being in two shows and getting well placed – Well done Mya!

Suki's half sister Mya in a poseHere she is in her early training days for the ring. You see with practice comes great success.


Suki's half brother have same mum


Suki's half brother, same mum relaxing at home:




Suki's Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

Suki's Uncle Stallvana the Chancer (chance) is Suki's mums little Brother. Below are pictures of him and what a smart dog he is too!chance-standingchance-stud-1






Below is Suki’s Aunt – Stellvana Bewitched. Here she is winning her class at the Trent Boxer Breed Club Show on 25th May 2013:Suki's Aunt Stellvana Bewitched

Like many of Suki's family they are show dogs; below is Suki's 2nd Uncle, Stellvana Sinatra at Crufts Dog Show in 2013. He was place 8th in his class and his pet name is Frankie:Sukis 2nd Uncle at Crafts 2013





IMG_0694[1]Suki's cousin, Cash, kennel name is Stallvana Walk The Line, nearly 6 months old, enjoying some time in the sun in the park:


Cash - Suki's cousinand here he is going through his paces at home:


Suki and her cousin about 12 weeks old


and finally Suki and her cousin, Cash, at about 12 weeks old.





Photos Courtesy of Stellvana Boxers