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Over the years we literally, as boxers do, bump into many different people and other pets that become our friends. Our most common contact with the human variety used to be at our parents’ martial arts school. Sadly we are no longer allowed to go. At the school Kentou and myself became mascots and set the way for Tenjin to integrate into the role. So now the Bateman Boxers have become the mascots of Kodokan Martial Arts.

Here we are with a class of karate juniors. I'm in the middle and I'm to the right of me is Kentou. The other lad is Kentou's nephew, called Rossi. As you can see by his expression he seems to have less brains than Kentou, but I'm not too sure! Sadly both Rossi and I have passed away, but Kentou is now the old lad in Mum and Dad's family.

Rossi used to look after the Challens family, Beckie Challens is standing third from the left. Rossi passed away in 2011 as he is now with me on the Rainbow Bridge Page. They are a great bunch of kids, but there's one problem, they are karate students, they should have been Boxers!


Thai's first meeting with his Dad, Jack Daniels.

When I was young my human parents took he along to see my dog Dad – Jack Daniels