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Woof, or Hi in Human Language

Let me first introduce myself. I’m Thai and as you can see I’m a boxer dog, the good looking one on the left of the picture below! Sadly now though I’m on the other side of Rainbow Bridge, but I get to play with my other family and friend who are with me. I also help out with this website, although just in spirit and narrate these pages for my parents. However, sometimes Dad helps!

Thai and Kentou
We are the Brindle variety of Boxer Dogs, and this site is all about us, our owners, family, our friends and people we meet and have contact with. Over the years you will read some very good times, but some sad times too. It all started with me, Thai, as in Thai Boxer, he-he Mum’s idea of being cleaver with words. Our human Mum has always had boxer dogs up until she met my Dad. He was brought up with Springer Spaniels. It wasn’t until Dad spent time with a boxer that our breed finally got under his skin. He agreed to get me, and from then on they never looked back as now they have boxer dogs around them all the time. I came along when they had a cross bread dog by the name of Toby. He was a mix of Labrador – Whippet as you will be able to see in some of the pictures in the site. I was good company for him as a young pup!

When Toby passed, they got Kentou, he’s the one in the right of the picture as a young lad, 5 years younger than me. I was a real mentor to him and he missed me very much when I passed. So much so that Mum and Dad got Tenjin. Over the years their Boxer family have changed and you can read about us in these pages.

You may, or may not be wondering about the unusual name of our website “Kodokan Boxers”. Well how this came about was that both Thai and I used to go to our parents martial arts club and sit there watching them train. I must admit it makes a change to see humans train! Because of this we were known as the mascots for Kodokan Martial Arts; hence our website name. If you like martial arts like karate and kobudo then you can learn more by going to our owner's Web Site, which is http://www.kodokan.org.uk.


The Arrival of Tenjin in April 2008

Tenjin's first day at home
 Tenjin's first day at home, 14th April 2008. When I passed mum and dad found Kentou a little brother to look after. His first day can be seen in the picture, looking sad. But Kentou soon had him under his wing! His name was Tenjin, he was a very active and "mad as a boxer". Don't think I was like that? Although he wasn't with us long, only 5 years, his life had been a real event and you can read about him too on this site. Throughout his time he had been a brave lad, and was very much a Daddies boy!


Their first female boxer Suki

In-garden-with-Crock-HeadWhen Tenjin passed over the bridge, poor old Kentou grieved very badly, he was now in his 11th year and missed him very much. So it was decided to bring in a young female pup for him to mentor again. Her name is Suki and you can read more about her as time goes by.

So I hope you can spare a few minutes scanning and reading our pages, and if you have enjoyed the visit then let us know by leaving a comment.


Enter Kinjo

Kinjos first day at homeNot long after getting Suki poor Kentou passed to join us here on the other side of rainbow bridge. Poor Suki was missing the company so Mum and Dad decided to get her a little brother; his name is Kinjo. She spoils him rotten as you can see in the pages of the site.