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Dog Training 1Us boxers are a very active dog, but are perfect companion for our owners, but I must warn you we lead an active life style! Apart from being incredibly attractive, our other qualities are we are extremely energetic, social, inquisitive, and loyal; but we constantly behave like puppies. We also make good protectors and watch dogs. My parents would tell you as a breed we are also stubborn, especially when it comes down to training.

So it would be best to start this as soon as you can, they say become an Alpha pack leader straight away. I say let them think it! To manage any dog it is best to get involved with a good training club, and make sure you go regularly and then we will eventually be a good companion for the family.

Kentou, Tenjin and I used to attend a great club in Hurworth, and now Suki will be as well. Kentou doesn't train that often now as he is old and  can't walk far, but Suki is being put through her paces. Anyhow the club is called:

Skernedale Dog Training Club (Kennel Club registered)

They run classes every Thursday Evenings at the Hurworth Grange Community Centre. They cover Beginners Obedience, Intermediate and Advance Training. If you want to know more about them and find out how to enrol then please phone:

Mrs. Pam Emmerson on Tel: 01325 461 536

– they are a very friendly crowd!


Please note If you use the contact page then your request will go to the my owners and not to the training club. So please contact Mrs Emmerson by the phone.

Dog-with-Bone-Hey! Thai are you as clever as this pooch? Look what he can do with his Boneo -balance it on his nose. What a smart ass!

Tenjin he is not that smart, I prefer to eat mine!


More Details:

Skerndale Dog Training Club was formed in the late 1950's and was always held in Darlington until relocating to the village of Hurworth in 2003. The club is run by a small group of obedience enthusiasts, which includes a behaviourist for complex obedience problems.

  • The classes are held every Thursday evening providing the following classes:
  • 10 Week Basic Obedience Course – from 7 pm to 8 pm
  • Intermediate & Advanced Training – from 8 pm until 10 pm

They are Kennel Club Registered and fully insured. Some of their activities involve them holding an Exemption Show in order to raise money for their charity "The Cinnamon Trust" and local animal rescue centres.

They are a non-profit making organisation

Venue: Hurworth Grange Community Centre, Croft Road, Hurworth-on-Tees.

Contact: Mrs. Pam Emmerson on Tel: 01325 461 536

Dog Training 9

Dog Training 3

Here is a picture of Tenjin when he was in the Intermediate/Advance class going through their paces of heal work and sit stays. The picture is an example of sit and stay.




Here is our instructor, Jerry and his obedient dog called Fergie. A demonstration of total control – see how she is watching him intently!

Teach them to walk correctly, and not run around wildly

Watch out for Events they may be posted on this site!

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  1. Sara Burgess

    Hello Pam,


    Are you running any dog shows this year at The Grange ?


    thanks Sara

    1. admin

      Hi Sara,

      The website is not run by Skernedale Dog Training Club and so Pam, would not she your comment.

      Please contact her direct on 01325 461 536

      I think they are having a show this year, but don’t know the details.



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