Kentou (AKA Luck-Luck)

This is Kentou, who came and joined the family when I, Thai, was nearly five. He was born in Sutton on the Forest, York on 26th May 2001. Would you believe that same day as both Tenjin and I, but on a different month? Kentou is a pedigree of Emjayee Boxers. He too would like to add that he has many champions in his family as you can see by his family tree. His Kennel Club name is "Emjaycee Painted Pony", but Kentou’s human parents call him by the Japanese name of "Kentou", meaning boxer.

Here he is all sweet and innocent! If I can recall I think he waiting for my favourite pastime – "Grub", sorry his dinner!

You may or may not believe this but Kenou is a constant licker, hence his nickname Luck-Luck. He licks his paws, his parents, other dogs and the air! So if you don’t want to get a good soaking you have to stay away from him.