Here is my Family Tree to my Great Great Grandparents. As you can see I have a few Champions in my tree which are shown in Bold.


Emjaycee Painted Pony


Roamaro Holy Smoke

Blueprint Beer’n’Skittles at Walkon

Jenroy Pop Back to Walkon

Jenroy Pop My Cork to Wlakon

Jenroy Lot Less Bother

Walkon Skittles

Glenfall the Gladiator

Walkon Smash'd Again

Winuwuk Hazy Daze at Roamaro

Faerdom Fineas Fogg

Bitza Shout and Roar

Faerdorn This 'N' That

Roamaro Scotch Mist of Winuwuk

Wrencliff Flying Scotsman of Winuwuk

Jenroy Popsicle for Belmont

Emjaycee Up and Running

Maristar Reflection of Skirlaw

Bucksteps Going for Gold at Glenfall

Glenfall the Gladiator

Bucksteps No No Nanette

Skirlaw Ruby Tiger

Carinya Rye N'Dry

Ameltone Unsolved Mystery

Emjaycee Christmas Carol

Tyegarth Pacherenc at Seacrest

Tyegarth Attitude Adjuster

Glenfall Infamous Plonk

Emjaycee Jail Bait Red/Wjite

Emjaycee Fred the Fox

Emjaycee Ebony Elegance