Suki's First Holiday August 2013

Kentou & Suki Lake Holiday 2013 # 7Suki's first holiday with us was in August 2013, where we stayed in a nice B&B in the Lake district. We didn't know how Suki would be in the Lakes as she was frightened of water, in fact she didn't like stepping in puddles. I bet she wanted a dog version of Sir Walter Raleigh to lay a cloak down for her, when us boys just had to get on with it. Any how, it all changed when she went on holiday to the Lake District. Much to her mum and dad's surprise she went into the lake and started to swim. In fact out doing us boys, as we have never gone in as far into the water where our paws can't touch the bottom!

Below is the proof; her first swim in the Lakes during the summer of 2013. It is just as well she was on a long lead as I think mum and dad thought she would have kept swimming out to the centre of the Lake.


After that mum and dad kept on throwing sticks into the Lake for her to get, she loved it. Kentou enjoyed watching her but on occasions only got is paws wet.


She even tried to get Kentou into the water by enticing him to chase her and the stick



Below are some photo's of our time on holiday:

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